As part of the global business community and dedicated to cross border enterprises, Summit View Partners embraces corporate sustainability. We are proud to be part of the corporate sustainability movement as it grows around the globe. 

Our corporate sustainability agenda has been developed over the years from our personal experiences with many well-known global brands like IBM and years of developing businesses here in China.

“The most frequently cited benefits that firms expect from sustainability policies relate to improved business outcomes: (i) the ability to attract and retain customers (37%), (ii) improved shareholder value (34%), and (iii) increased profits (31%).”

Moreover, sustainability policies guide a company's culture, enhances recruiting and builds customer and investor engagement. They affect government and university relationships that are so important while developing business in foreign markets.

When doing business in China, aside from the financial benefits our corporate sustainability agenda helps with employee engagement, recruiting, government relations and supplier management. We also found it to be excellent for local brand development and creating important opportunities with Chinese companies and customers.

Summit View’s major focus as a sustainability corporation is on tech development, internal governance and operations, and supply responsibility. By providing compliance and transparency in all transactions, we help U.S. companies with measured and tangible results. We understand that it is not only the responsible way to run a global financial consultancy firm, but it is also sound business practice.