Foreign companies monitor policy and macroeconomic indicators before making investments in China. Summit View also considers China’s economic development through its highly regarded “Five Pillar” framework – five strategic initiates that are critical to economic development of the Chinese economy. We assess policy and current development of each pillar, look for linkage between them, and define opportunities for our clients. With our experience in China and with multinational firms, we align our client’s interests with China’s growth and governmental policies.     


 The Chinese government wants to shift its economy from export led manufacturing to value added services and technology, building a technology as a platform for economic development.


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Education & Cultural Exchange

 In 2013, the Chinese government proposed the China’s One Belt One Road Initiative (“OBOR”) to promote economic connection and cooperation. China’s education, especially higher education, plays an important role in the OBOR initiative. 

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 China’s economy is slowing. Fixed asset investment is at a 10-year low. A significant portion of this investment is directed to infrastructure, consumption and services.    

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Acquisition of Foreign Assets & Resources

 China’s government has been securing resources and technology globally sufficient to support a sustained economic growth rate near 6.5-percent It is aligning with several governments to secure foreign sources of oil and raw materials and technologies .

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Energy supply is required for sustainable economic growth. In addition to securing foreign resources, its government intends to develop its internal capability to generate power.    

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